Quality policy
Our quality policy defines the quality targets for the company’s operations together with the means required to achieve them, while being fully aligned with the company’s general objectives.
The MVA’s general objective is to become a decisive company in Middle East Europe.

To achieve this objective, we undertakes the following:

  • Through a continuous survey of customer needs and expectations, providing high quality rail freight forwarding.
  • Continuous development of the quality, flexibility and complexity of our services. Accordig to the needs of our clients.
  • We are continuously train our collegues to provide high-quality professional service.
  • Ensure the principle of equal opportunities throughout our services for all in society.
  • Our activities are in line with laws, regulations, regulatory requirements, national and international standards and other regulations.
  • We provide our employees a stable job, a suitable work environment and continuous – professional development.
  • We provide services that are safe and reliable.

The management demands all of its employees, as well as themselves, of the full commitment to ensure the good reputation of Magyar Vasúti Áruszállító Kft. With its quality services.